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Business Support

Business Entity Formation,
 Incorporation, Analysis


WriteComm & Bakari Group LLC. specializes in Business Services (legal status filings, business plans, business analysis, requirements drafting, strategy (SWOT, etc.) and all other analyses).


When forming and maintaining an entity or business enterprise for our client attorneys or firms, we provide the following assistance:

  •  Drafting and filing certificate or articles of incorporation, and subsequent amendments, together with preliminary preparations for incorporation such as name clearance and reservation.

  • Drafting by-laws.

  • Drafting organizational resolutions or  consents, appointing directors and electing officers

  • Preparing and filing various federal and state tax forms

  • Drafting employment agreements, stock option agreements, shareholder agreements, pension, and profit-sharing plans

  • Ongoing Corporate Task:

    • Preparing and filing annual reports

    • Drafting annual and special meeting resolutions or consents requiring the approval of directors and shareholders.

    • Checking corporate status

  • Partnerships

    • Drafting partnership agreements

    • Daft and file limited partnership certifications and amendments

    • Draft and file fictitious name certificates

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