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Public Sector & Government Contracts

Empowering Businesses, Driving Success

At WriteComm & Bakari Group, we're not just consultants; we're catalysts for transformation. Through our strategic prowess and technological innovation, we navigate the complexities of the private sector and government contracting, ensuring our clients thrive in every endeavor.

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Public Sector

WriteComm & Bakari Group serves the public sector through two distinct yet interconnected practices.

Public Sector & Government Contracts: Our dedicated team assists businesses and governmental entities at every stage of contracting, from navigating Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to implementing robust internal controls. We specialize in preparing for contract compliance audits, managing government business efficiently, and mitigating disputes through meticulous risk management strategies.

Public Sector Solutions: Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses Financial and Performance Improvement, Risk Management & Compliance Consulting, Technology & Data Analytics, and Strategic Communications. With expertise spanning various sectors including Government Centers, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Culture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate, we deliver tailored solutions that drive progress and innovation.

Government Contracting

At WriteComm & Bakari Group, we excel in Government Contracting, leveraging skillful project management and fostering meaningful professional relationships. Our extensive network of partners and suppliers enhances our capabilities to tackle projects of any scale, from professional services to commercial real estate, transportation & logistics, trailer manufacturing, technology solutions, and landscaping.​Our Commitment: From project inception to completion, we're dedicated to providing a full spectrum of quality consulting, design, landscape, and construction services. With a focus on excellence and efficiency, we ensure each project's success, driving value and delivering results that exceed expectations.

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